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Foster Care

Foster care is a pivotal part of any successful rescue operation. Foster care provides organizations opportunities to expand a restricted capacity, helping build close intimate relationships with animals in need. Volunteers will take care of baby animals too young to adopt, older animals who may be sick, and curious critters who got injured; all while developing everlasting memories. This care can be monumental to these animals, as many of them have never had the love and devotion of a human. 

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This is an imperative step for us as a non-profit as we do not have a facility. Our aim is to grow an expansive foster network to expand our animal care capacity while we raise finances for a facility. Together we can continue to grow our organization and ensure we can help as many animals in need as we can.

  • Will my other animals be safe while caring for a foster animal?
    We recommend that for the first 14 days the animal have a quarantine period from the general household. This is to ensure that the animals get any bacteria out of their system and allow them time to become familiar with the sounds and smells of the home and other pets. After this time, it may be an option to integrate the foster animal into your general home, but we handle this on a case-by-case basis. There is always a chance of sickness being spread or an animal getting in a fight. We always ensure we take the smart proper steps to prevent this risk. The Circle of Life Animal Sanctuary will not be liable for any damages to personal property or personal pets.
  • Will my children be safe while caring for a foster animal?
    All members of the household will be required to do a meet and greet with the animal. We will only pair an animal that we deem appropriate for its environment. In general a foster animal will treat a child the same as a normal animal. It is best to ensure that the child knows the limits of the animal and how to handle them properly. We do not recommend leaving small children alone with foster animals. The Circle of Life Animal Sanctuary will not be liable for any injuries that may occur during foster care.
  • What if me and my foster animal are not a good fit?
    If you and your foster animals are not a good fit please contact staff as soon as possible. We will find new placement for the animal and if you would like, will find another animal that may be a better fit for you. There is no shame in not being able to care for a specific animal, and we want to ensure you enjoy the experience as much as the animal.
  • Will my home be damaged?
    Like any other home animal, damage to carpet, drapes, furniture, and other items are all a possibility. Younger animals are more prone to accidents and are more likely to get stuck in small tight spots. It is best to prepare the area the animal will reside, removing valuable items and laying down pads, newspaper and restricting access to certain areas. All animals will also behave better during the foster time if it provides them with enriching items. Items will vary depending on the animal but include balls, stuffed animals, climbing towers, and other toys. Staff will be happy to answer questions and help provide as much information as possible to reduce the risk. The Circle of Life Animal Sanctuary will not be liable for any damages to personal property.
  • What if my foster animal has medical issues while in my care?
    As a foster parent you will have access to a support team member for any advice at most times possible. If an issue arises, just make sure to contact staff and we will schedule appointments as needed. If the issue is life threatening and you are unable to get a hold of staff; it is suggested that you take the animal to an animal hospital or veterinary clinic as soon as possible.
  • Will I or my Family be able to adopt my Foster animal?
    Yes! As long as your foster animal has not been previously claimed prior to your interest we would love to adopt them to their foster home or a relative. Keep in mind that foster animals may still need to endure medical treatments, vaccinations and other medical checks prior to adoption being completed.
  • Will I have to pay for supplies?
    We will provide all animal food, medicine, a bed/blanket, litter box/litter and a few starter toys and treats with all foster animals. Depending on the length, severity, and particular circumstances, we may include other items. You are welcome to purchase additional items, but we cannot reimburse you unless previously approved by management.

Elevating Our Impact: Gold to Platinum in Transparency & Accountability

We are incredibly proud to announce that The Circle of Life Animal Sanctuary has been recognized for our dedication to transparency and accountability. In 2020, we achieved the Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid, demonstrating our commitment to sharing our financial details, board information, and leadership demographics. We didn't stop there! In 2021, we reached the highest level of recognition by obtaining the Platinum Seal of Transparency. This prestigious accolade highlights our ongoing efforts to share our strategic plan, progress, and results, showcasing the impact we're making in the lives of animals and the community. We are grateful for your support and will continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.

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